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The goals of A World of Difference are two-fold. One goal is to provide Cambodian women with the knowledge and skills to make better lives for themselves and their children; and the second goal is to improve the dental health of Cambodian orphans. A World of Difference is a U.S. based non-profit organization.

To do so, A World of Difference works with a Khmer organization called Cambodia World Family (founder Daniel Susott). Together, we work toward achieving goals through their Women's Integrated Rural Development Program (WIRD) and the Kid's In Need of Dentistry Program (KIND). It is through these programs that we are able to provide 1,400 children with dental care and 500 women and girls with literacy training each year. We also provide job skills training, workshops on disease prevention and personal hygiene, agriculture workshops and English classes, as well as provide English and Khmer reading books to our rural libraries.

The activities of the Cambodia World Family are based upon two beliefs. First, that "Knowledge is Freedom," and second, that the greatest impact that can be made upon a society is 'through its women'.

Village Learning Center

Village learning center in Siem Reap

The other pages on this site will provide you with more information about how A World of Difference and Cambodia World Family work together to help the Khmer people.

For further information about our work in Cambodia, please email Dr. Kathleen Gentry, MPH .

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